Guest Lecture by Professor Åshild Kolås

Professor Åshild Kolås of the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO) delivered a seminar on “The changing concept of peace: The UN context” on Wednesday 22nd February. Professor Kolås is one of the leading scholars in peace research and has published extensively in the area on ethnicity, identity politics and peacebuilding. She has also held the position of head of PRIO’s Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Program.

The event was part of the weekly School of Law and Government research seminar series. Professor Kolås presented her research on the emergence of the UN Security Council and militaristic context win which it was formed. Professor Kolås also led a high-level research methods roundtable with IICRR PhD students the following. This focused on her first hand experiences of conducting field work in conflict contexts and provided a unique learning opportunity for the researchers, many of whom will undertake fieldwork in the coming year.

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