Dr. Danny Marks is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Politics and Policy. His research interests focus on the political economy of the environment, including winners and losers from environmental issues, conflicts related to the environment, and activism to address environmental inequalities and injustices. For example, he has conducted research and published on protests and activism which arose in response to the Thai government’s response to major floods in Bangkok in 2011. Topics that he has conducted research on so far include national and urban climate policy, flooding, droughts, wastewater, marine plastic pollution, coastal erosion, urban air pollution, and challenges faced by smallholder famers. His research has mostly focused on Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand.

Danny’s work has been published in international peer-reviewed journals including Political Geography, Habitat International, Sustainable Cities and Society, Regional Environmental Change, Journal of Contemporary China, Journal of Political Ecology, Natural Hazards, Pacific Affairs, and Asia Pacific Viewpoint.

Dr. Marks has spent a number of years conducting research and working in Southeast Asia, particularly in the field of environmental governance. He has worked or been a consultant for a number of organizations in the region, including the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific Governance Hub, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Water Integrity Network, ActionAid, Mercy Corps, and the NGO Forum on Cambodia.

Dr. Marks completed his PhD at the University of Sydney. He received his MA in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and his BA in International Relations from Grinnell College.

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