Research Interests

Female Political Participation; Gender Studies; Conflict Management

Background & Qualification

Maira holds a BA in International Relations and Conflict Management (Moscow State Linguistic University, Russia), MA in Gender and International Development (University of Warwick, UK) and LL.M in International Law (KIMEP, Kazakhstan).

Doctoral Research

The value of female political participation in Kazakhstan.


The research aims to unpack the value of women political participation/representation within the political system in Kazakhstan. The overall research goal is to explore the role and capacity of women as political actors in the context of political regime of Kazakhstan and to examine how the concept of substantive representation of women is operationalized and implemented in such settings. To examine the substantive representation the focus will be made on the patterns of interaction between inside state (parliamentarians, women’s policy agency, government/presidential administration and political parties) and outside actors (civil society, proactive groups) on the number of issues which have (in)direct impact on women and gender equality in society, and to trace how this interaction effects the outcome, i.e., inclusion of the mentioned concerns into national policies.

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