Call for Applications: Post Doctoral fellowship – Ireland North-South

Ireland North-South: a research programme on the Future of the island of Ireland

The uncertainty created by the 2016 Brexit Referendum in the UK has led to a significant and widespread public debate on the future of the island of Ireland, including the possibility of border polls on the question of Northern Ireland leaving the UK and creating a united Ireland.   There are strongly held views on all sides of the debate on the future constitutional arrangements, but it is very clear that the public need to have access to credible and impartial information across the entire range of implications presented by all the possible future governance arrangement for the island, need in-depth impartial analysis of the key issues at stake and the opportunity to reflect calmly on them well in advance of any major decisions. Dublin City University’s Institute for International Conflict Resolution in establishing this new programme of research will provide rigorous, non-partisan research and analysis on the key issues which are likely to at the heart of a public debate around future ‘border polls’ on the future constitutional arrangements for the island.

DCU is seeking applications for a post-doctoral fellowship as part of a new programme of research aiming to provide rigorous and impartial research and analysis on the key issues which are likely to form part of the debate on the future governance of the island of Ireland in areas such as constitutional and institutional arrangements, economic structure, minority rights, social policy, defence, pensions, health and education policy, EU and international affairs.

For more information and to apply, see here 

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