UNDP report examines youth perceptions in Vietnam

IICRR Research Fellow Dr Abel Polese conducted research surveying youth perceptions in Vietnam on behalf of the UNDP. The report Vietnam Youth Survey on the Sustainable Development Goals is the first attempt to survey perception and understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) among Vietnamese youth. Over a third of the 169 SDG targets highlight the role of youth, implying their critical role in achieving the SDGs. With people aged 16 – 30 comprising a quarter of the population in Viet Nam, the study focuses on Vietnamese youth perceptions of the SDGs and how they relate the SDGs to the Vietnamese context. For the purpose of the study, an online survey was designed and circulated among young people (16 – 30) from all the 63 administrative provinces of Viet Nam. More than 7,000 answers to the survey were collected and analysed.

The study aims to explore the level of knowledge and understanding of the adopted SDGs among Vietnamese young people aged 16 – 30. It identified trends and priority issues and Goals among young people, generally as well as depending on different gender groups and on different geographical bases.

At the same time, the study interpreted the data collected to produce intelligence and recommendations on how to: 1) better inform young people to increase their understanding of the SDGs and 2) identify modes of intervention that take into account preferences and priorities of young people to bring about greater participation of young people in SDG implementation.

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