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Launched by Hillary Clinton in 2012, DCU’s Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction (IICRR) draws on Ireland’s own historical experience of peace and conflict to produce internationally accessible, academically rigorous and definitive accounts of the implementation of the Northern Ireland peace process; to draw on the Irish experience to assist in the analysis of other conflict zones, and to use international best practice to assist the remaining legacies of conflict in Ireland.  The geographical scope of Institute’s work is global but focuses in particular on Northern Ireland, the post-Soviet space, the Western Balkans, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. The Institute supports cutting edge taught programmes at BA, MA and PhD levels in the School of Law and Government and works with key civil society partners and governments so that our evidence-based knowledge is both relevant and accessible to those involved in practice.

IICRR is currently leading three major EU funded projects and a range of medium scale projects supported by the Irish Research Council, private donors and civil society organisations. We lead the largest Network of Excellence on Violent On-Line Political Extremism, looking at issues of on-line radicalisation (FP7, €6m) and two EU Marie Curie ETN PhD programmes on the post-Soviet space and on the Caspian region, each worth €3.8m. The Institute regularly organises conferences, seminars and policy workshops which are open to visitors.

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The #Motherandbabyhomes report needs an independent review. Its flaws continue to mount after Mary Daly's Oxford seminar. It cannot stand as the sole official account of this part of our past.

"... the Commission of investigation and State practice more broadly, in addressing Ireland’s abusive past, continues to display contempt for survivors, and leads to a fundamentally flawed report."

✍️ @JamesGallen

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