Dr Ní Mhurchú is currently a lecturer in International Politics at the University of Manchester http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/aoileann.nimhurchu/.


Dr Ní Mhurchú holds a BA (Business, Economics and Social Studies), Trinity College Dublin, 2003. MScEcon (Postcolonial Studies) University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 2005. PhD awarded Dublin City University 2011.

Thesis Title

The Ideal of the Modern Subject? Exploring the Limits of the 2004 Irish Citizenship Referendum Debate. A monograph based on this thesis has since been published with Edinburgh University Press (2014)


Aoileann’s main research interests lie at the intersection of international migration, critical citizenship studies and contemporary political thought (in particular postcolonial/decolonial, poststructural and psychoanalytical thought); this research explores how we can use contemporary political thought to rethink understandings of sovereign subjectivity in the context of increased global migration. Her current research project explores intergenerational migrant experiences, aesthetics and everyday forms of atypical political voice linked to vernacular music and language. Her recent publications include Ambiguous Citizenship in an Age of Global Migration (Edinburgh University Press 2014); Critical Imaginations in International Relations (Routledge 2016, co-edited with Reiko Shindo); ‘Ambiguous Subjectivity, Irregular Citizenship: From Inside/Outside to Being-Caught-In-Between’ in International Political Sociology (2015); ‘Unfamiliar Acts of Citizenship: Enacting Citizenship in Vernacular Music and Language from the Space of Marginalised Intergenerational Migration’ in Citizenship Studies (2016) and ‘Thinking with Reproduction: Maternal Time, Citizenship, Migration and Political Subjectivity.” Subjectivity (2016)


Dr. Kenneth McDonagh and Prof. Ronaldo Munck

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