Research Interests

Islamic Radicalisation; Maldives; Western terrorism discourse

Research Interests


Dr Azra Naseem defended her PhD in March 2012. Her current research focus is the Islamist radicalisation of the Maldivian population, and its implications for security in South Asia and the Indian Ocean Region. After the controversial end to the first democratically elected government in the Maldives in February 2012, Azra worked to bring international attention to the ongoing authoritarian reversal and rapid radicalisation of Maldivian society through her own writing in national and international media, and by regular contributions to articles in international publications including Le Monde, Vanity Fair, Combating Terrorism Centre (CTC) Sentinel, Christian Science Monitor and the the World Almanac of Islamism. She is the author of, a website specialising in the analysis of socio-political affairs and Islamist radicalisation in the Maldives.

Azra has a Master’s in International Relations from DCU and a BA in Journalism and Media Communications from Griffith College Dublin. Prior to joining DCU as a PhD candidate, she worked as a journalist in Dublin for several years and lectured in Media Law and Ethics at Griffith College Dublin. Her research interests also include US foreign policy and the War on Terror.

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Selected Publications:

Nasreem, A., 2015, ‘The Honeymoon Is Over: Maldives as a Growing Security Threat in the Indian Ocean’, Irish Studies in International Affairs, Vol. 26, Special focus: Conflict Resolution in South Asia (2015), pp. 99-119

Nasreem, A., 2012, ‘The literal truth about terrorism: an analysis of post-9/11 popular US non-fiction books on terrorism’, Critical Studies on Terrorism  Vol. 5, Is. 3, 2012 November 2012