Dr David Doyle is now a Lecturer in Oxford University:

Dr David Doyle was previously a Lecturer in Latin American and Comparative Politics at the School of Law & Government at Dublin City University, Ireland. He is interested in all things Latin American. His PhD, which focused on the relationship between political institutions and partisanship in Latin America, was completed in 2009. Currently, Dr Doyle’s research is primarily concerned with the political economy of partisanship across Latin America. In general, his research interests include political economy, political institutions, political parties and partisanship in Latin America. Dr Doyle has both lived in, and travelled extensively across, Latin America. His research has appeared in leading journals such as Comparative Political StudiesPolitical Research Quarterly, Journal of Public Policy, Journal of Politics in Latin America and Acta Politica, among others.

Dr Doyle is a keen swimmer and mountaineer.

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