About: Government of Ireland Scholar. Elodie now works for an investment bank in the City of London

Graduated: 2005 

Doctoral Research: The unionist dimension in US involvement in Northern Ireland

Supervisor: Dr John Doyle


Ulster Unionists have traditionally struggled against any external intervention in Northern Ireland and appear now to be very divided than ever on that question. Recent U.S. policy and the initiatives taken by President Clinton have contributed to a new situation in Northern Ireland. Nationalists and Republicans seem more united and stronger than ever whereas Unionists seem divided and weak. Why did the Unionists resist or refuse to practice any foreign policy to promote their beliefs? Is it possible for them to take advantage of the situation they have tried to avoid? And if yes, what is their new strategy and approach concerning the American policy? This research is funded by a Government of Ireland PhD scholarship from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences.