Research Interests

International Politics, Conflict Resolution, Development and Civil Society, MENA, and Peacebuilding


Dr Ibrahim Natil teaches politics and business at Centre for Talented Youth, CTY Ireland at Dublin City University (DCU). Dr Ibrahim Natil is the winner of Robert Chamber best overall paper, selected by DSA Ireland.  He is also a research fellow at Institute of International Conflict Resolution & Reconstruction (Dublin City University). He is the Co-covenor of NGOs in Development Study Group, DSA-UK. He is an international development consultant and worked for many civil society. He managed more than 56 human rights, women’s and youth empowerment and peace-building programmes. He authored several publications on a wide range of politics, international relations, development, conflict resolution, peace-building, human security, NGOs and revolutionary movements.

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Natil, I., Pieroban, C. and Tauber, L. (2019) The Power of Civil Society in the Middle East and North Africa

Ibrahim Natil (2015) ‘Hamas Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges’, Cambridge Scholars publishing,


Robert Chamber Award


Awarded the best overall paper on my paper “International NGOs: Women’s Engagement in Community Peacebuilding and Development” by DSA Ireland. 


Peer Review Articles and Chapters

Natil, I.  (2018) “Palestine : dynamiques citoyennes sous l’occupation”, État des luttes – Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord, Collection ‘Alternatives Sud’, Paris/Louvain-la-Neuve, Syllepse/CETRI, décembre 2018 (French version) 

Natil, I.  (2017) Civil state in the post Arab Spring Countries: Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, “the Arab Spring, Civil Society and Innovative Activism”, edited Cenap Çakmak Palgrave Macmillan Publishers Ltd

Natil, I. (2017) Youth Movement and Arab Spring, “Non-Western Social Movements and Participatory Democracy in the Age of Transnationalism” edited Ekim Arbatli, Dina Rosenberg, Springer

Natil, I. (2017) Turkish NGOs in the Arab Spring: Human Security or Foreign Policy Agenda? “The New Turkey? Domestic and Regional Uncertainties”, Edited Ozgur TUFEKCI, Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Natil, I. (2016) “Turkey’s Foreign Policy Challenges in the Syrian Crisis.” Irish Studies in International Affairs, 2016, pp. 1–10

Natil, I. (2016), the Challenges and Opportunities of Donor-Driven Aid to Youth Refugees in Palestine, Journal of Peace building and Development

Natil, I. (2016) Book Review: Marwan Darweish & Andrew Rigby, Popular Protest in Palestine: The Uncertain Future of Unarmed Resistance, Journal of Nations and Nationalism,

Natil, I. (2016) Turkish international NGOs and the Arab Spring ‘Las ONG internacionales turcas y la Primavera árabe’ “Un retrato de la Turquìa Contemporànea. Visiòn general y perspectivas” edited Alessia Chiriatti, Manuel Ferez and Federico Donelli, Escuela de Relaciones Internacionales and the Universidad Anàhuac, (Spanish Translation)

Natil, I. (2016) Internationally Sponsored Conflict Resolution Programming for Youth, “Conflict Transformation and the Palestinians: The Dynamics of Peace and Justice under Occupation’ edited Alpaslan Ozerdem, Mufid Qassoum and Chuck Thiessen, Routledge,

Natil, I.  (2014) A shifting Political Landscape: NGOs Civic Activism and Response in the Gaza Strip, 1967–2014, Journal of Peacebuilding & Development, 9:3, 82-87,DOI: 10.1080/15423166.2014.983369

Natil, I. (2014) The Palestinian NGOs and the Arab Spring’, Revolt and Revolution: Reaching for the Possible, ed. Amal Treacher Kabesh and James Arvanitakis, Inter-Disciplinary Press,

Natil, I. (2014) Violence and Youth in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Gaza Strip Case Study (2000-2012) Violence in the Contemporary World: An Interdisciplinary Approach, ed. Paromita Chakrabarti, Natália De’Carli and Joana Patrício,  

Natil, I. (2013), Turkey’s Human Security Agenda in the Gaza Strip’, Human Security in Turkey Challenges for 21 Century, ed. Alpaslan Ozerdem and Fusun Ozerdem (London and New York: Routledge Press, p 198-211

Natil, I. (2012) ‘Hamas: between Militarism and Governance’, Peacebuilding and Reconciliation Contemporary Themes and Challenges, edited by Marwan Darweish and Carol Rank. London: Pluto Press. p 166-182

Natil, I. (2011) Hamas between Militarism and Governance, Journal of Conflict Transformation and Security,


Blog posts

Writer/ Contributor to Australia Independent,481


Ongoing Projects 

Book: Civic Grassroots Activism, Participatory Engagement in the Conflict Zone

This project provides an up-to-date analysis on civic grassroots activism, participatory engagement and community peace-building challenges and lessons. It also examines the impact of civil society organisations in politics, power and its impact on young people life from 2002-2018. The purpose of this book, in the field of international relations, development, peace studies, conflict resolution and conflict strategy, is to explore the learnt lessons of young people’s engagement in civic and political life, despite the social conservatism and political deadlock.

Selected Conferences /Presentations

  1. EU Aid and women’s empowerment, Globus Workshop, UCD, November 29, 2018.
  2. Women’s engagement in non-violence in Palestine, DSA Ireland, 23-24 October 2018
  3. Civic activism, participatory engagement and community peacebuilding, DSA UK, Manchester University, June 27, 2018.
  4. Women’s engagement in non-violence resistance, Palestinians and Kurds day to day resistance conference, Coventry University, June 22, 2018
  5. International NGOs: Women’s Community Peacebuilding and Development, DSA Ireland, November 23-24, 2017 and invited to the final Plenary session talking about my experiences in the civil society management and deliveries.
  6. Civil society and youth Movement; DAVO Conference, Jena University, September 18, 2017.
  7. Civil society organisations: peacebuilding and development, sustainability interrogated Conference, Development Studies Association, University of Bradford September 7th,2017
  8. National Identity: Northern Ireland and Palestine, University of Illinois, September 23, 2016
  9. Local and international organisations intervention in Libya, Conflict Research Studies Conference, Trinity College Dublin, September 8th, 2016
  10. Does Turkey’s Foreign Policy Fail in Syria? Royal Irish Academy, May 30, 2016