Doctoral Research

Government of Ireland Scholar, a post-doctoral fellow in the Centre for International Studies at DCU.

Graduated in 2006

Abstract Title

Dealing with Rogue States: a case study of Serbia



The main focus of this research will be how international intervention with respect to so-called ‘rogue states’ influences the internal politics of those states. The central question to be addressed is whether such policies enhance or undermine the potential for developing democracy in the target states. Serbia will be used as a case study and the research will cover the time period from the late 1980s until 2002. Relations between Serbia and the international community fluctuated significantly during this time period ranging from a significant degree of international integration around the time of signing of the Dayton peace agreement, to almost complete isolation and pariah status during the late 1990s. This makes it possible to break down the time period being considered into four subperiods reflecting Serbia’s changing international status and the different policies to which it was subjected. This allows for comparison in terms of the internal impact of the particular international policies being pursued in each of these time periods. Accordingly, an example of a significant international intervention will be taken from each time period and compared using the methodology of structured, focussed comparison.