Harikrishnan Sasikumar is a post-doctoral researcher at the School of Law and Government at DCU, where he also completed his PhD form in 2020. His thesis looked at the role of social spaces in shaping the modern public sphere in Kerala, India. He is also a member of the Ireland India Institute, and early career Advisor of Public Space at City Space Architecture, 2020. His areas of expertise are Lefebvrean studies, spatiality and modernity. Hari has previously held research positions at the Centre for Indian Studies in Africa (Johannesburg), King’s India Institute (London) and Democratic Progress Institute (London). He is also a co-editor of Ala.

His current research interests include spatiality in post-conflict societies, streets as political spaces, and the salience of physical spaces in an increasingly virtual world.

Modules Taught:

  • Interpreting India: Prospects and Challenges in the Twenty-first Century
  • Theoretical Approaches to World Politics

Recent engagements:

  • Harikrishnan, S & Chakraborty, S (2020), “Hinduism in Ireland” in Knut A. Jacobsen and Ferdinando Sardella (eds) Handbook of Hinduism in Europe, Brill
  • Harikrishnan, S (2020), “Communicating Communism: Social Spaces and the Creation of a “Progressive” Public Sphere in Kerala, India”, tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique, 18(01), pp. 268-285, available online
  • Harikrishnan, S (2020), “Negotiating Caste: A Matter of the Public and the Home”, Interactions, 02(04). Available online
  • “Public Spaces and Civil Movements”, Dublin Law and Politics Review Podcast. June 2020 (link)