Research Interests

Conflict Resolution; Social Movements; Youth Politics; Kashmir.

Background & Qualification

Tahir has a BA (Honours) English from Aligarh Muslim University, India (2005-08), a Masters in International Peace and Conflict Studies from Islamic University of Science and Technology, Kashmir (2008-2011), a Masters in International Peace Studies from International University of Japan (2012-2014). In his Master’s thesis, Tahir explored the historical evolution of political identity of Kashmiri Muslims in the period of 1846-1947, and in his second Master’s thesis he looked at the Kashmiri National Movement from a multi-theoretical perspective, examining its historical progression, cultural/aesthetic resources, and its daily practice. From 2010-12, Tahir worked as a correspondent and feature writer for Greater Kashmir, the largest daily newspaper in the Indian-administered Kashmir. From November 2010 – March 2011, he was a fellow of Mercy Corps Kashmir, and assisted in planning and organizing “One Young Kashmir: Youth Leadership Summit,” a youth-led event mentored and supported by Mercy Corps Kashmir Youth Relationships and Alliances for Transformation (Youth RAFT) project. He edited Tribune, a termly university newsletter at International University of Japan from 2012 to 2014. In 2013, he qualified University Grants Commission-National Eligibility Test for lectureship in Indian colleges and universities.

In the past, Tahir has written short stories and plays; earning Creative Award 2007 for his Urdu short story Sargashta Wajood from HELP Foundation (Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi). In the last three years, he has published in The Japan Times, Kindle Magazine, The Caravan, The Express Tribune and Kashmiri newspapers; writing mainly on politics.

Research Title

(Tentative) The Representation of the Kashmir Conflict in the Narratives of Kashmiri Youth

Research Overview

In this PhD dissertation, Tahir is examining, from the qualitative research perspective, the youth narratives in the Indian-administered Kashmir in terms of how the youth in Kashmir frame significant political events (like 2008-2010 and 2016 uprisings) and the Kashmir conflict in general in their published accounts.

Conferences and Contributions:

‘Kashmiri Youth Narratives in the Post-2008 Period’ Postgraduate Conference on South Asia, Dublin City University, May 2017.

‘Representation of the Kashmir Conflict in the Kashmiri Muslim Youth Narratives’ 5th King’s India Institute Graduate Conference, Narratives of Indian Democracy, King’s College London, May 2017.

Youth Protest in Kashmir (IAPS Dialogue: 24 July 2017)

Understanding Kashmir, Kashmiris (Kashmir Ink: 9 May 2017)
The False Narrative of Invoking Dogra Pride (Kashmir Narrator: 25 April 2017)
Is Rumi an anti-dote for the post-truth America (Express Tribune: 6 Feb 2017)

Contact Details


Prof John Doyle

Selected Publications

Yes She Can! (The Caravan Magazine: 01 April 2016)

The Problem with Vande Mataram and Hindu Nationalism (The Express Tribune: 25 March 2016)

Hard Questions for the New Year (Kindle Magazine: 06 January 2016)

Perpetual Threat to Our Survival (The Japan Times: 23 Oct 2013)


Forced to flee: conflict in Syria and the movement of people on 18th November 2015 hosted by IICRR and Trocaire at DCU. (Attended)

Women and Conflict: from 1916 to the Good Friday Agreement on 13 April hosted by IICRR in the Helix, DCU. (Attended)