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Research Interests

Conflict and Conflict Resolution; Gender Studies; Consociationalism; Peace Processes and Peace Agreements; Post-Conflict Societies

Background & Qualification

Dr Tajma Kapic is a post-doctoral researcher at the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University. She holds B.A. in Journalism, gained at the Faculty of Political Science, Sarajevo University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a M.A. in Development Studies from University College Dublin. Her M.A. Dissertation was a comparative analysis of the integration of Bosnian women Refugees in Ireland, Norway and Sweden.

Tajma has over 20 years of experience in development work in Ireland, Norway, the UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and Thailand, including management of international development, emergency humanitarian aid and rehabilitation projects funded by the Irish government and the EU.  Tajma has also led a number of international projects aimed at girls and women’s empowerment in conflict and post-conflict societies.

During her career, she has published extensively for the UNDP  with reports and blogs, she held numerous workshops, and contributed to conferences in the field of international development and humanitarian response in conflict affected settings.

Doctoral Research

Her research investigated the impact of consociational peace agreements on women’s descriptive representation in national and sub-national political institutions in divided societies. It focuses on the cases of Bosnia and Herzegovina to determine the gendered outcomes of peace processes and processes of post-conflict reconstruction, the effects of power-sharing agreements in resolving ethno-national conflicts, and their effect on women’s rights.  Tajma Kapic’s research interest originates from her personal experience as a survivor of the Balkans war and her continued concern and efforts to improve the welfare of women in post-conflict areas.

Courses Taught

2014/15: Tutor for ‘Core Skills and Methods for International Relations’ module

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